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Basic Corrections Officer Course

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TCOLE Rules require that a person take and complete course/test 1305 (TCOLE Rule Overview for Jailers and Telecommunicators) or BPOC Chapter 33 Rules Overview Exam for Peace Officers), which is a required pre-requisite for licensure testing.  A 100% score on the 1305 test is required in order to take the state exam.

The BPOC and Telecommunicators 1305 exams can be completed online by going to

  • Login (or create login) to MyTCOLE Account
  • Click on the “My Training” tab, and select and click the Go to TCOLE Learning from the drop down menu
  • Continue to the course categories where you will see the available courses and tests.

Those applicants not already working for a police agency will need to complete both a psychological and criminal background. Contact [email protected] 

The admission standards for BCOC for the Alamo Area Regional Law Enforcement Academy are as follows:

  1. Meet all minimum standards for Licensing as outlined in Section 217.1 (Jailer) of the Texas Administrative Code Title 37, Part 7.
  2. Achieve a passing overall score of 80% or greater on the approved Academy entrance exam.
  3. Demonstrate no history or indication of a pattern of behavior that is unethical, violent, or criminal in nature.
  4. Pass a background check in accordance to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).
  5. Pass a physical examination and a drug screen (Completion of the L-2 Form from TCOLE).
  6. Pass a psychological evaluation (Completion of the L-3 Form from TCOLE).

 Note: For applicants who currently are employed by a police agency, a letter on agency letterhead from an authorized official indicating the applicant works for the agency and has met all the state minimum standards to be licensed.  A copy of the TCOLE L-2 and L-3 form must be included.