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Entrance/Written Exam Requirements

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Please note that you MUST be the age of 21 by the date of graduation in order to be accepted into the Basic Peace Officer Course.

The first step is to take the entrance exam, check for available dates on our calendar here: Calendar.  Applicants must bring COPIES of the following documents the day of the exam:

  • High school diploma or GED and College Transcripts (unofficial are acceptable)
  • Member 4 Form/DD214 (if applicant has prior military experience)
  • Proof of auto liability insurance
  • Proof of citizenship (i.e., birth certificate or naturalization certificate)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Please provide copies of what is listed, ORIGINALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
  • The BPOC Entrance Exam costs $35.  Pre-registering with payment is required through the portal.

The AACOG Law Enforcement Academy is a place of business.  Civilian dress is allowed, but no one will be admitted to training wearing shorts, flip-flops, or clothing deemed inappropriate or offensive.  

Testing Address:

12625 Wetmore Rd. Ste 436 (Bldg. 4)

San Antonio, TX 78247

What Certifications Will I Receive?


The Basic Peace Officer Course provides you with certifications for the following courses:

  1. Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  2. Krav Maga- Defensive Tactics Training
  3. Firearms Qualifications
  4. TCIC/NCIC Less Than Full Access
  5. National Academy of Police Driving
  6. Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

Our Academy is unique in that we provide certifications for the following courses in addition to the ones covered in the Basic Peace Officer Course:

  1. OC Spray (Pepper Spray)
  2. ASP Baton Certification
  3. TASER X26 User Certification
  4. RADAR/LIDAR Operator Certification
  5. Active Shooter
  6. Body Worn Cameras
  7. Resume Writing and Interviewing

Upcoming Basic Peace Officer Course (BPOC) Class Start Dates:

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The Alamo Area Regional Law Enforcement Academy basic tuition cost is $3500.00 (for either the Full-Time or Part-Time Academy).

Tuition covers:

 AACOG Academy uniforms

 Books

 Use of Academy training pistols, training ammunition, and protective gear

 Use of Academy firearms pistols an shotguns

 Live ammunition for the pistols and shotguns

 Use Academy patrol vehicles

 Use of duty gear and other equipment (including training baton, training, TASER, and training OC Spray)


Also included with the tuition are additional certifications and trainings in:

o CPR/AED training o Tactical trauma care o Baton training

o OC “Pepper” Spray training o TASER (Electronic Control Device)

o Active shooter first responder training

o National Academy for Professional Driving (NAPD) Tactical Police Driving o Body worn camera training

o RADAR and LIDAR training


Additional Costs:

During the applicant process students must pay for their state mandated medical clearance and drug screening ($121.00). The state mandated psychological testing is also about $300.00, a state mandated background check is about $40.00 and a Type 1 Status Driving Record, about $5.00. The cost for the psychological is payable to the Academy, but the medical/drug screen and the background check are payable to the facilities performing the service.


Full-Time Day Classes:

Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. including two or three weekend training sessions during the course


2022 Alpha January 10, 2022 - *Graduation is anticipated to occur in July 12, 2022,

if there are no delays due to any unforeseen incident (i.e. COVID-19 issues)

Orientation January 4, 2022


2022 Bravo April 11, 2022 - *Graduation is anticipated to occur in October 11, 2022,

if there are no delays due to any unforeseen incident (i.e. COVID-19 issues)

Orientation April 4, 2022


2022 Charlie July 11, 2022 - *Graduation is anticipated to occur in January 24, 2023,

if there are no delays due to any unforeseen incident (i.e. COVID-19 issues)

Orientation July 6, 2022


2022 Delta October 10, 2022 - *Graduation is anticipated to occur in April 25, 2023,

if there are no delays due to any unforeseen incident (i.e. COVID-19 issues)

Orientation October 4, 2022


Part-Time Evening Class:

Please be advised, there will be changes made to the 2022 Echo Class with the schedule and length of course*.

Wednesday - Friday 5 p.m. - 10 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

2022 Echo Start Date TBD - *Graduation is anticipated to occur in December 2022

if there are no delays due to any unforeseen incident (i.e. COVID-19 issues)

Orientation TBD

*The 2022 Echo Class will be starting at a later date and the will be decreasing in the amount of months. We will be posting the changes soon. 


About the Part-Time Evening Class:

The Alamo Area Regional Law Enforcement Academy will be hosting an evening / part-time Basic Peace Officer Course (BPOC).  The BPOC Course will be held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 5pm-10pm, with some Saturdays from 8am-5pm.  The cadet will also have to make themselves available to attend the Firearms Course, Crisis Intervention Training Course (CIT - TCOLE #1850 - 40 hours), and the Driving Course from Monday – Friday from 8am-5pm.  These dates will be announced with anticipation for the cadet to make necessary arrangements to take these assigned weeks off if they are currently working.  The reason for having to do these particular subjects in a one week period is due to reserving the necessary venue and TCOLE’s rules.

As of December 2, 2021, the BPOC tuition cost for Full-Time and/or Part-Time Academy is $3500 per student 

Testing for the BPOC Part – Time 2022 Echo Class is currently ongoing, testing for all other classes will be posted soon.  Please be advised that if the applicant begins the application process, the documents will be valid for 180 days, therefore if you begin the process for a BPOC class (i.e. Bravo Class), you may not be able to apply for a BPOC course that is a few classes ahead (i.e. Delta Class), due to the 180 day expiration date.

  Please register online for the BPOC Entrance Exam Part-Time at


Would you be interested in:

A Part-Time (8am-12noon weekdays only) Law Enforcement Academy?

Currently, we do not have a Part-Time class with the week day schedule from 8am-12noon, but we are searching for anyone who is interested in attending a part-time class with this schedule, should we have enough interest. 

Please click at the link below and let us know you are interested in attending the part-time academy with the 9am-12noon schedule by responding to the email and include your name, phone number and email address. 

The academy will inform you if we will proceed with a part-time Law Enforcement Academy class with the schedule mentioned.

[email protected]


Personal History Statement editable PDF



The Alamo Area Regional Law Enforcement Academy accepts sponsored cadets from Law Enforcement Agencies for the Basic Peace Officer Course. 

We can accept the required documents for applicant from the sponsoring Law Enforcement Agency to include an entrance exam, Physical Assessment, Medical/Drug Screen, Psychological Evaluation.  


Please download a packet with instructions in the link below: