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The Public Safety Department provides grant support through our Criminal Justice Planning and Homeland Security.  We are currently providing support for the FY2020 grant season.  Applications are due by 5:00pm February 28, 2019.

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Criminal Justice Planning Program Responsibilities

The Criminal Justice Planning program operates through an interlocal cooperation agreement with the Criminal Justice Division of the office of the governor to:

  • Establish funding recommendations with consideration of local and state strategies through the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee
  • Oversee grant processes and management
  • Provide technical assistance

Homeland Security Program Responsibilities

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The Homeland Security program provides communities with technical assistance in planning for emergency preparedness by identifying potential safety threats and security weaknesses and by developing local emergency management plans to meet those identified needs. The Homeland Security program encourages efficiency by assisting jurisdictions in administering federal and state programs that benefit from regional cooperation and to eliminate duplication of services.